Unchaining Moore Dogs needs medical donations for these  special dogs!


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March 10

Pregnant hw positive 4-6 year old bully/lab mix at Moore County Animal shelter, due any time! They are out of space and her time will be up Monday! Will try to make time to go by and get pictures in the morning! She needs foster or rescue now!! Please contact Becky Caddell with Unchaining Moore Dogs 910-295-7693 if you can foster or if another rescue is able to take her now, please contact the shelter!

March 11    In foster and out of shelter

March 11

This is Sasha, the hw positive pregnant lab/bully mix at the Animal Center of Moore County. She will be euthanized on Monday due to lack of space! She will most likely have her puppies before the weekend is out! Foster or rescue is needed now! She was so sweet and just wanted to leave with me. If I had space in my house, she would be in my truck right now. 😭 She is very malnourished, so I don't how many of what looks like 2 dozen puppies she is carrying, will survive.

March 14  

Follow up on Sasha...she went to the vet today. She has whip worms, and hw of course. She's carrying a bunch of puppies and is very underweight. Her delivery could be more complicated and high risk than most dogs. Her temperature has remained around the 100° mark since yesterday, but her foster is watching closely for any changes.

March 14   Puppies are being born!